Aaron Seigo on KDE

Aaron Seigo of the KDE Project has started doing weekly videocasts on Ustream.tv. With KDE 4.2’s release is rapidly approaching, he discusses the progress made during the previous week, as well as, new features in the 4.2 release. He also allots time to take questions from the Ustream chat room. As a long time KDE user, I am enjoying getting weekly status updates about the impressing looking 4.2 release. Check it out below or at ustream.tv on Saturdays at approximately 1400 UTC (Check his blog for specific times).

Online video chat by Ustream

Edit: He will no longer be doing these videos on Ustream. He is moving to an open source platform of some sort.  I will include specifics when he provides them.

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  1. Agreed.

    This is a great idea.
    I watched the first two shows my driend had DL and learned a lot of things about KDE.

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