I am disappointed with the lack of Linux and open source software coverage on the TWiT network.  Once again, Floss Weekly has apparently been placed on Leo Laporte’s back burner.  Also bothersome is a comment by Randall Schwartz, co-host and booker of guests for Floss Weekly, on episode 146 of TWiT at 1:02:18 claiming, rather dismissively, that he doesn’t “use Linux on anything that matters.”  Between this statement and the lackluster guests Floss Weekly has interviewed lately, it is clear that Mr. Schwartz is not in touch with the open source community as a whole.  While Squeak, POV-Ray, Seaside, and Yahoo User Interface Library are all great projects, there are more exciting projects that promise to bring open source software to more average users’ desktops.  Two examples from the top of my head are Ubuntu and KDE4.  Ubuntu is having great success producing a well-integrated, easy to use Linux distribution, while KDE4 is pushing the boundarys of the desktop metaphor past even what Apple has done with OS X.  Mark Shuttleworth, of Ubuntu fame, and Aaron Seigo, from KDE, would both make excellent guests on Floss Weekly.

Leo always claims to love the open source philosophy, but it gets short shrift on the TWiT network.  I’m not saying
he should push Linux on every caller to his radio show that complains about Windows, but it would be nice if OSS got the attention it deserves.  I know Leo is busy man, but Floss Weekly is the only show on TWiT network that goes months between releases.  I don’t know who fault it is, Leo’s or Randall’s, but the show is clearly not a priority.

I guess I expected different of Leo.  I have been happily using Linux for nine years due to Leo.  He helped free me from the shackles of Microsoft in 1999 via the now defunct TechTV.  On his show, “The Screen Savers”, he talked often about Linux and recommended a distribution called Linux Mandrake.  I got boxed copy online and dual booted it with Windows 98SE on my brand new Dell Dimension XPS 450 (which, by the way, is the very same system I am typing this on, although with moderate upgrades).  It was scary at first, but slowly I booted into Windows less and less.  This system still has Windows on it, although now it resides next to Gentoo, but I can’
t remember the last time I booted Windows.  Leo’s voice reaches many thousands of people between the TWiT network, the radio show, and his other appearances.  He has the ability to show people another way and help free them from proprietary vendors.  I hope he will embrace OSS once again.